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  • If you’re here, you are probably curious, creative and giving.

    You're definitely not ordinary. You love in-depth conversations with a warm coffee-shop drink, especially when pondering brilliant ideas. You know your heart could use a little boost, and that's where I come in.

    I'm a documentary lifestyle photographer – that suits me perfectly because life is about imperfect truths - and because I loved telling stories as a former journalist. I believe everyone should live out of their comfort zone at least once – I did that a lot living overseas – and I create meaningful images for the amazing souls who crave such insights. I love showing people their most authentic selves and letting them know they are appreciated. Whether you're brilliant at your career, getting married, starting a family, been together with your Beloved a long time, or have a daughter or a mom you can't help but brag about, I aim for people to feel beautiful about who they are and proud of how far they've come in life.

    When I'm not doing photography I travel by letter of the alphabet with Scott, the love of my life. (Currently planning trips "K" and "L" for 2015). I'm an avid nonfiction reader, even though Anne Shirley will always be my favorite heroine. A runner, yogi, solitary bike rider and journal writer who forever will cherish the 3.5 months of life with giant leatherback sea turtles on an isolated South American beach. I'm a Dr. Who. fan who lights up teaching, redefining paradigms, laughing, living my adventure.... and meeting your wonderful self along the way! ... Welcome!

    As ever,
    Shuva Rahim
    Lifestyle Photographer

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If you’re looking at revamping any part of what you love to do – specifically your work –  in 2015, a great place to start is with your business profile. If you’re still using the same photo from 10 years ago, then stop. We all know you’ve aged. If you’re using the same photo from […]

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ROCK ISLAND, Illinois – I met Ivy Paul recently through newly-minted yoga instructor Julia Cozad-Callighan. Like Julia, Ivy recently finished a yoga-teacher training program through Tapas Yoga Shala, and I was thrilled to photograph this young woman in her yoga element. Ivy already teaches yoga – beginners and intermediate levels – at an area gym, and loves […]

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OXFORD, Iowa – This beautiful, simple welcome sign was a perfect outdoor accessory during a wedding at Kent Park I helped to photograph with my colleague Sherry Pardee earlier this year. A few eye-catching words combined together inviting guests to feel welcome makes for a true mix of families. I love signs like these (see my Pinterest board for examples). Plus, seeing them […]

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ROCK ISLAND, Illinois – A few years ago I had the immensely awesome opportunity to photograph Julia’s wedding – it was an epic Star Wars-themed event in Davenport. I knew she was a yogi on the side and learned recently she was going through a yoga teacher-training program provided by Quad Cities studio Tapas Yoga Shala. Near the […]

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