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  • If you’re here, you are probably curious, creative and giving.

    You're definitely not ordinary. You love in-depth conversations with a warm coffee-shop drink, especially when pondering brilliant ideas. You know your heart could use a little boost, and that's where I come in.

    I'm a documentary lifestyle photographer because I love life's imperfect truths and authentic stories. And because I love making meaningful images for amazing souls who show their true selves. I love showing people their most authentic selves and letting them know they are appreciated. Whether you're brilliant at your career, getting married, have an energetic family, been together with your Beloved a long time, or have a daughter or mom you can't help but brag about, I aim for people to feel beautiful about who they are and proud of how far they've come in life.

    My creativity in life sparks from a love for travel, especially with my beloved Scott. We travel by letter of the alphabet. (Currently planning trip "K" for 2015). I love nonfiction – although Anne Shirley will always be my favorite literary heroine. I'm a yogi, a runner and a journal writer who will always cherish the 3.5 months I had living on an isolated South American beach with giant leatherback sea turtles. Finally, I have a passion for teaching, and pushing the envelope about what generations before me are capable of with today's technology. This is my adventure, and I hope to meet you along the way!

    As ever,
    Shuva Rahim, Lifestyle Photographer
    Accent Photographics

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Generally I wouldn’t release info on my Holiday Card sessions until August but since the word is already out about these sessions thanks to a recent Women’s Connection event, here’s the details. A great time to update your family photos in 2015. Get a head start on your Xmas cards. And the best part: no stressing […]

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DAVENPORT, Iowa – The Hotel Blackhawk is offering some specials on Valentine’s Day and throughout February, which is awesome because this historic site is a unique place in which to photograph. It’s also exciting because the Blackhawk is allowing for Beloved sessions – unposed sessions for longterm couples – to take place anytime this year at the hotel. […]

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Even with just two locations back-to-back, “tour” is an accurate term. This evening I’ll be teaching a Facebook marketing class in Carlisle, Iowa, thanks to the Warren County Economic Development and numerous other sponsors and spearheaded by my friend Deb Downey of Right Teaching for Small Business. A few hours later on Wednesday afternoon I’ll have a […]

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Last year I had the opportunity to collaborate with the University of Iowa on an extensive project about young entrepreneurs. Over the next several Mondays, I’m highlighting the individuals I played a part in profiling for this series, called BizInnovator, which was overseen by the university’s Jacobson Institute for Youth Entrepreneurship. The culmination of the work is a curriculum the university is selling to school […]

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