*Wedding Wednesday* ~ Capturing the Relationship

What were you like when you got engaged? I’m sure like most couples it was a feeling of incredible happiness and elation. You’ve committed to spending the rest of your life with someone. What does that joy look like?

couple in love

The engagement session I give my couples is no different from any others I photograph. It’s interactive and shows who you are – not what you look like. It’s almost exclusively unposed. For the couples who have worked with me, this is a unique experience because most of what we all have been taught and know about photography involves poses. I’ve never been a fan of posing, so I generally don’t do it. I enjoy weddings, but what I really love are the people in them. That’s why I do this. Capturing love isn’t just a job for me, it’s incredibly exciting – regardless of what that love looks like. When there’s a connection between two people who love each other, it comes through naturally. Not through posing

couple in love

The experience of this interactive session spills over to the wedding day. This is what Maggie and Dan (below) had to say: In addition to shooting over 10 hours at our wedding, Shuva’s package included an engagement photo shoot which allowed us to meet and get to know Shuva months before the wedding. By the wedding day we were so comfortable with her that we could truly be ourselves and capture true moments rather than poses.

iowa city couple in love

And it’s those true moments everyone lives for. Not the poses.

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