BETTENDORF, Iowa – Being a licensed mental health counselor, I imagine, would be a challenging job. But for Kathleen Collins it is a profession that has reaped a lot of personal rewards: “It’s enriching to me to meet all sorts of incredibly different, diverse, interesting, talented, emotional people. I would never meet them in a million years in another environment. With every single person I learn a lot and have helped myself – there’s an invisible reciprocity.”

Kathleen was working in sales for many years when she went to a counselor one day because she was feeling “funky.” The professional recommended that Kathleen take a counseling class: “She recognized I knew my own stuff and knew what to do about it,” Kathleen says.

professional woman photo by Shuva Rahim, Accent Photographics

Since then, Kathleen has created a unique mental health practice. She sees individuals of all ages who are “chronically stuck”. People come to her because they want assistance with their issues, such as anger, addiction, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, and/or PTSD. In addition to age, Kathleen sees clients who identify themselves  or want to as LGBTQ. Her traditional training – she holds a master’s in education in counseling from Western Illinois University – has helped. However, Kathleen says 80 percent of her clientele come to her because she is trained in and offers alternative techniques, such as Shamanic Healing which has its roots in indigenous cultures: “I do conventional and alternative therapy work. Sometimes the spiritual techniques work better than the traditional tools.”

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I loved the peaceful ambiance Kathleen created for her work space in which she sees clients. All the best to her as she continues to help so many by doing what she loves.

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