*Film Friday* ~ The Oscars

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – Our recent “H” trip, Hollywood, happened to be the week leading up to the Oscars. We hadn’t planned it that way, it just happened. So even though we weren’t in town for the actual event, we saw some of the preparation that went into it – at least from the outside. The apartment we stayed at was only a few blocks from the site of the Oscars, the Dolby Theatre, which unfortunately was closed for tours because of the preparations. But each morning we saw the scenery change, from a huge sign that went up to the street being blocked off to risers and tents being put up outside for media. Here’s just a glimpse of the activity we saw throughout the week in front of the Dolby.

large sign

Early in the week one morning we saw these signs on top of the building near the Dolby Theatre, celebrating host Seth MacFarlane.



This was taken from an outdoor mall, which borders the Dolby Theatre. Risers were set up on the street, from the corner to the entrance of the Dolby. Across the street is the El Capitan Theatre and Jimmy Kimmel Live.



This is the not-so-dressed up canopy under which celebrities were interviewed for the Red Carpet Show. The canopy was near the entrance to the Dolby Theatre, and blocked the entire width of the street. Therefore, during the Oscars there are no vehicles that can drive up to the theatre entrance..


theater entrance

Security was tight outside but not at the Dolby Theatre entrance, where later in the week we walked on the red carpet (even if it was covered in plastic). Hard to see in this photo, but the white panels on the side each have the names of all the movies (accompanied by year) that won Best Picture.



Our last day there, 2 days before the Oscars, was pretty chaotic with lots of production people running around. The entrance to the Dolby was adorned with Oscar statutes covered in plastic such as this one.



From the entrance of the Dolby Theatre looking out, two days before the Oscars.

This Friday series is a snapshot of my personal work using film.

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