A Way to Say “Yes, I Did This!”

I see a lot online about organization, and glean over most of it. So goodness only knows why this attracted my attention. I saw the chart below on Twitter, and liked the concept of putting something into practice so much that I printed several copies. And bookmarked the site. This chart – courtesy of The Project Girl – is the tool I didn’t know I was looking for.

Compartmentalizing goals, creating deadlines and making yourself accountable to say, “Yes, I did this!” is valuable in being happy and successful, I believe. It’s one thing to know that, but to create a system you put into practice on a daily or weekly basis can be transformative.

You can download your own chart to fill out and create your own categories. I started doing so this week, and I’m already forward to Week 2.

Here’s to keeping on top of your goals for 2012!

As ever,

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