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DAVENPORT, Iowa – After being gone a week, a cancelled flight (Sunday), a full day of travel (Monday) and coming home to teach two long classes (Tuesday) followed by a 12-hour fever, a post-vacation nap may be in the cards for me very soon. But before I disappear I wanted to show off this fine group of modern professionals I had a chance to photograph recently.

They are the Quad Cities Investment Group, LLC, which specializes in planning, portfolio building and management, and wealth protection. Although this is a young company (established as a Registered Investment Advisor with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in the summer of 2010), the team here collectively represents more than 100 years experience in the financial services industry. Partners Wayne Wagner, Scott Stoltenberg and Laura Swift were previously colleagues at a different company before deciding to team up to start QCIG.

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After spending some time with this group before their modern professional session, it was clear to me that they put a great deal of emphasis in honoring their clients’ trusts through personalized service and consistent guidance – regardless of whether they are young professionals or enjoying retiring.

Thanks to Laura (who you will be seeing more of in a future post or two) and the QCIG team for having me photograph all of you, and thanks for putting up the photos so quickly on your website! (which equated to less work for me on this post:-). All the best to you!

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